Aventus Improvement Proposals

Aventus. The customisable layer-2 blockchain network that lets you build on Ethereum at scale to process transactions at 100x the speed and 1% of the cost.

Aventus Improvement Proposals (AIPs)

AIP describes standards for the Aventus Ecosystem, including core protocol specifications and processes. These AIPs are technical communication processed off-chain and recognised formally. This is not a substitute for the governance process run here but it is a collection of sound and forward-thinking solutions and functionalities for the network. However, they do not represent a commitment of any form towards existing projects.


First review AIP-0. Then clone the repository and add your AIP to it. There is a template AIP here. Then submit a Pull Request to Aventus’s AIPs repository.

AIP Process

The following is the standardization process for all AIPs in all tracks:

AIP Types

There are five types of AIP:

To understand more about the current state of the Aventus network, check out our whitepaper.